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A Musical Guide: The World’s 5 Best Bass Strings

According to Modest Mouse, ‘Music is to the soul what words are to the mind’. Seasoned artists will tell you that great music is that which soothes the heart. And, you feel that you want more and more. No music is excellent without a bass guitar and your bass strings matter.

Getting the best out of music is the ability to align its four elements. These are the harmony, melody, rhythm, and color. So, you might ask, “Where do bass strings come in?”  Bass is crucial to the overall sound of a choir or a band. It helps to establish the rhythm of a song.

The sound of the bass adds depth to those melodious guitar riffs. Can you recall any guitar riffs at the beginning of a song you love? You wouldn’t feel the flare of that music sink in your heart without the presence of bass strings.

As a beginner artist, you’re wondering, “How do I know the best bass strings to use?” Because you want to knock your fans with a thrilling performance.

Relax, knowing the best bass strings, is a no-brainer. This article details the 5 best bass strings you can buy. Here are bass strings used by world-renowned music celebrities.

Ernie Ball Bass String

Ernie Ball comes in different types of strings in terms of material, gauge, and style. Therefore, while shopping for Ernie ball, you should point out several things. These are your tonal quality, the number of strings in your bass and your style of playing.

Ernie Bass Strings
Image by WikiCommons

Bass strings from Ernie ball provide varieties to both beginner and professional bass players. The strings are designed with musicians in mind. For instance, the round-wound bass string comes with a bright tone suitable for rock musicians.

On the other hand, the flat-wound string has a smooth feel best for jazz and country musicians.

Ernie Balls make their strings from high-quality nickel, stainless steel, copper, cobalt and chrome-plated steel. I know you might start wondering which now is the best make.

Stay with me to get more.

It all depends on your music genre. Ernie ball bass strings are for all types of musicians. You only need to know the sound type you get from each. Ernie ball use hex-core wires whose sounds are piano-like quality and they also produce pop-like overtones.

You can find the strings in four types of gauges. Considering the gauge is important as it determines the tension of your string. A beginner who might want less pressure to play can take the less tension Super Slinky Ernie Ball strings. And, the standard Ernie Ball Slinky is good for a veteran.

By Serguei Trouchelle – https://commons.wikimedia.org

The traditional sound you get from Ernie Ball bass guitar strings is model sounds. Other bass string manufacturers use it as a benchmark. More is that you can get the Ernie ball for 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string guitar models.

D’Addario EXL 170 Nickel Wound

Image by https://www.daddario.com

Among the D’Addario bass strings, EXL 170 nickel wound is the best, particularly the round wound. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that they collect dirt and oil faster than the flat one. This is because it’s better to get that hash bass tone in your music.

D’Addario strings give a bright, resonating and comfortable feel tone. They support all playing styles. If you want a string that fits a long scale bass, you can get sizes up to 36 ¼’’ strings.

This string is nickel plated for that warm and articulate touch. And, they can give higher-end frequencies. While they may not support the mellower base genre, they are ideal for rocks. If you look for comfort when practicing your musical notes, the D’Addario is a great companion. They are firm and offer that great feel.

No wonder the D’Addario is world-renowned as the “Bass players favorite”. You get perfect intonation, unrivaled consistency and clear fundamentals from them than any other electric bass string.

In terms of quality, they may look similar to others like Ernie Ball, GHS or Elixir. But, the lack of coating element set them apart. I know you may argue they won’t last long like their coated counterparts. Nevertheless, the coating reduces the heaviness of a tone.   

World-famous artists have made the best records using the D’Addario EXL 170 Nickel Wound string. You too can create an outstanding hit from it.

GHS Bass Boomers

GHS Strings
Image by Groth Music

GHS bass strings have been in the market for 55 years. They still stand among the most dependable electric bass strings today. The bass boomers are the most liked among their wide varieties. This is because they come in 5-string and 6-string, and 8-string set. They are also available in several scale lengths and gauges.

You can use GHS strings for a variety of genres. Top musicians who have used them include Jack white, Carlos Santana, and David Gilmour.

You too may not resist falling for the Bass boomers just like many artists. First of all, they’re made of nickel-plated steel. This makes this variety deliver those warm and articulate bass guitar string notes. They are also round-wound for a bright tone.

Here is the interesting part about GHS Bass Boomers. They come in a ‘fresh pack’. This is a pack that’s airtight to make the strings remain fresh like they’ve been just packed. It essentially means value to you. They are also fairly priced when you compare with competitors’ price.

If you’re looking for a string that will give mid-range frequencies, this GHS is your fit. Since they are available in a wide variety of layouts, you can easily get the right type for your rig. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced bassist. It guarantees your desired tone.

Dr. Strings

Dr. Strings
Image by WikiCommons

Dr. strings were invented in New Jersey in 1989. They maintain the reputation of the cheapest hand-made bass strings for 30 years now. Many musicians have used these strings and they particularly like them for their jet black color.

Among its varieties, countless musicians love the black beauty one. They are coated with a polymer, which preserves the longevity of coated strings. This doesn’t compromise high-end frequencies or inject unwanted overtones. Another thing is that their tone are somewhat brighter.

Though the Dr. Strings models are nickel-plated, they are not overly shrill. They cut through a mix well and are suitable for genres that require some extra bite.

Other musicians adore the ‘Pure Blue’ type. They have Quantum Nickel which combines the brightness of steel and the mellow hit of nickel to produce a versatile string.

Even the Rockstars have a share in Dr. Strings. Their favorite is the Drop-Down Tuning DDT-55. What charms the Rock and Metal players in the DDT is the heavy gauge. It’s able to deliver awesomely stable tuning and clarity. So it’s just perfect for musical notes of lower pitch.

You’ll love to make clean and clear notes. The DDT offers what you want and more. For instance, when you change the tunings, it cooperates so incredibly. They override the heavy gauges. At lower tunings, the intonation remains steady and you’re left wondering if there are other strings alike.

Sunbeam is another Dr. Strings type liked by established players and fretless bass champions. The string goodness includes the flexibility of the round core design, soft feel, and quick magnetic pickups. This response is as a result of the nickel-plated wire having a sensitive magnetic content.

Elixir Strings Nickel Plated Steel

Gutair Strings
Image by WikiCommons

Elixir Strings have been in existence since 1995. For all the years, they hold the reputation as the longest-lasting strings ever. This owes to their coating, as they have an Elixir’s patented NANOWEB coating. The coating was a change from the original thicker NANOWEB coating.

Other manufacturers have tried to copy the string without success. They fail to know the secret behind the Elixir’s coating. It simply protects the string from the harsh environment. Thus, you won’t have particles getting trapped between the windings and later interfere with the tone.

Therefore, you’ll find that Elixir’s strings last longer than other coated strings. The second advantage of NANOWEB coating is that the treble response of the string is more. This is due to the thin coating. It also gives a traditional feel something many players like.

There is more about these strings. Being fairly standard and having a nickel plating produce a clear and articulate string.  The string doesn’t however, overglow to interfere with low-end frequency response. Nevertheless, it isn’t a good string for genres that require a comfy tone.

Here is the best part of this string. Its quality is long-lasting. The combination of the fact that it’s a bass string and it’s coated make it superb. It takes you far without the need to think about changing it. And, what about quality control? There are no complaints so far about the brand.

This electric bass string is a premium by design.

With all the above, assure me you won’t complain about it being more expensive than other comparable ones. So, pay the price and get the benefit.

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