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Be Creative With Some Digital Line Art Tips

Are your line arts a bit shaky, uneven, unproportioned or even fat?

Do you struggle to make amazingly straight and weighted lines to come up with a state-of-the-art picture?

If that’s the case, you’ll be relinquished to know that in this guide, we’ve gathered some fantastic tips. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced digital drawers. That way, we can help you create perfectly straight and weighted lines.

Frankly, digital line art might not be quite as easy as it looks like. You’ve probably guessed that you can rely on the undo button and everything with your digital drawing would be perfectly fine…

However, later, you found out that things are lined up in another more complicated way.

That’s why, in this comprehensive guide, we have listed some great and easy tips you can implement right now in order to improve your digital artwork.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into, and see how we can improve your digital art skills.

Easy Digital Line Art Tips That Can Improve Your Art Skills Right Now

Digital Line Art: Learn In Traditional Media

Digital Art
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Probably, that would be the last thing you wanted to hear, but you’ll definitely thank me later.

The thing with traditional media is that by drawing with an actual pen, you’ll get an “unconscious” impression of the core principles of line drawing. In traditional media, you aren’t able to undo, and every wrong line you make is an essential mistake that you learn with tons of practice.

There are a lot of tips and tricks you can learn precisely on from traditional media. With linework, it helps a lot to start with fine liners, brush pens and similar.

After you’ve mastered the line art in traditional media, then you can transition to digital.

You’ll be then amused how easy it is to draw straight and perfect lines on your tablet or laptop’s software program.

Escape Using The Mouse

Digital Art
Image byWikiCommons

Once you’ve transitioned to the digital line art, and you got quite some taste of it, It’s vital to avoid using the mouse.

That’s simply because the mouse is probably the worst tool you can use to draw straight and perfectly weighted lines. Moreover, using the mouse frequently can weaken your line art skills. Therefore, you’ll find yourself at the bottom again after months of digital drawing.

It’s preferable to get a tablet and draw with a liner. However, we understand most tablets are quite expensive and aren’t affordable for everyone. Some cheap options on the market do quite a fascinating job. You can stick with those cheaper options until you can afford to buy a more expensive and modern one.

Our recommendation would be to get a Wacom Intuos tablet because of its modern design and amazing features. Yes, it is quite an expensive option. However, Wacom is a widely known brand among top designers and artists. There are people, expressing positive feedback about Wacom tablets being able to last from 8 to 9 years. That speaks for itself about the durability and functionality of Wacom tablets. It’s definitely an excellent investment.

Another well-known brand you can go with is Huion. The brand is building quite a strong name lately. Pick a tablet from Huion will also be a great option for you as a starting or a professional designer.

If those tablets don’t fit in your budget, you’re always welcome to explore and compare other options. Frankly, most professional designers and artists start with a cheap tablet, and in the end, they are at the top in their industry. So if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll make it to the expensive tablets.

Being Patient Is Crucial

Image by WikiCommons

You probably know that you must be patient to succeed in digital line art. And this concerns everything else. There isn’t an overnight success. And this is common-sense that everybody knows.

Thinking that you’ll be able to succeed in the matter of a couple of weeks or even a month is, naturally, impossible. Except if you are working for 12 hours straight every day without any rest. And also doing that is not a guarantee. That’s because your brain won’t be able to relax enough and produce the necessary willpower for you to complete your tasks. Working 12 hours a day will even hurt you. Well, you got the point.

It’s always better to start slow but to be consistent. You can even do a break right now. Stop working for a week or two. Come back later to digital drawing. But this time start slowly and don’t be in a rush. You’ll be utterly amazed by how fast you can progress your skills. As a matter of fact, a lot of professionals and experts share their opinion about being slow and consistent is much better than to be in a hurry.

Follow a strict routine every day, and you’ll find yourself with professional digital drawing skills in a year, or even a couple of months.

Digital Line Art: Choose The Right Software

Image by WikiCommons

At first, this might sound as not a big deal to you because you are already using a software program that suits you well.

However, if you are just starting out, this is a really vital step to speed up your process of becoming a top-notch digital artist.

Firstly, you’ll have to experiment with a couple of programs in order to find out which suits you best. Yes, this might take you some time. But it’s always better to take time and have a great start than to start with the first software you download. That’s because you might find yourself in an unpleasant situation, trying to experiment with software all over again.

To make it simpler for you, we’ve gathered some of the best and easiest software programs for beginners and advanced.

The king among all programs for us would be Photoshop. It takes some time to learn it. But once you’ve mastered all the processes required for you to operate on Photoshop, you can literally become a ninja digital artist.

Other cool options you can experiment with are Paint tool Sai, Krita, Clip Studio Paint.

Frankly, Clip Studio Paint is quite an investment. However, it comes with some fantastic features that every designer and artist will undoubtedly welcome.

Photoshop is universal, and you can always stick to it.

Moving forward…

Digital Line Art: Experiment With Brushes And Settings

Digital Art
Image by WikiCommons

This can literally be a game-changer for you if you haven’t tried it before.

If you feel that your paintings are imperfect and a better brush would do the job…

Here are some of our recommendations that have worked for a lot of people. Moreover, you can use them for free or for a very affordable price.

  • Danila Sills pack
  • Loish Brushes

Another cool thing you can do is to check, if possible, what brushes your favorite artists use. That can really save you a lot of options and go for probably the best ones.

But there is a tricky side here also so be aware.

Downloading brushes is quite similar to drug addiction. It’s very addictive, and if you don’t follow and measure your actions, you’ll find yourself with 30 packs. And this is quite frustrating.

So download only a few, 3-4. Try them. See if they fit. If not, try new 3 or 4.

It’s even useful to try new brushes from time to time. Who knows, you might find a better brush pack for your drawings.

Some Popular And Trending Works To Admire

In this section, you’ll be able to see some of the most famous and popular line artworks of great and astonishing people.

The Master Of Nightmares

Digital Line Art
Image by

The famous and popular Spanish printmaker and artist Fransisco Goya is known for its incredible drawings. The above picture illustrates a part of his Los Caprichos series. The sketch depicts and highlights the Spanish universal follies and society in which he used to live.

Most of Goya’s pictures were published in the not so distant 1799 and are now world-renowned. What’s more, is that his paintings and printings not only illustrate the society he used to live in but also the world as a whole place. Depictions of the Spanish artist Fransisco Goya must definitely be seen by any fresh artist.

The Beauty Of The Love Between Science And Art

Vitruve Luc Viatour
Image by

When it comes to Leonardo da Vinci, we can proudly say that there wasn’t an inventor like him in the time he lived. He uses a scientific approach to his art paintings and drawings. And that’s what makes them truly unique. Moreover, the sketch you see above showcases the mastery and professionalism da Vinci used to draw this painting.

His human-body drawings might not be as accurate as other paintings and pictures that describe our body. However, the unique and scientific approach he uses is something that can inspire a substantial amount of artists.

The Drawing Of A Modern Figure

Egon Schiele
Image by WikiCommons

When it comes to self-portraits, erotic and psychological paintings, studies of female nudes and portrayal of the human body, there simply isn’t a better artist than Egon Schiele. His unique black line portraits and drawings have caused a significant shift in the art as a whole.

Egon is famous for his graceful black line and profound expression that his paintings exude. Schiele is definitely a role-model for every off-beat artist that depicts a lot of emotion in his paintings.

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