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Body Painting Art: Great Artists & Their Masterpieces

Body painting, or also known as “temporary tattoos,” represents the art of painting one’s body. Some incredible body painting artworks will definitely amaze you with professionally-oriented detail work. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve listed famous body painting artists that will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping expression on your face. 

We’re going to take a thorough look at the most prominent body paintings in the world that inspire a massive amount of young and thriving artists.


Best Body Painting Artists & Their Masterpieces

Mimi Choi

Body Painting Art
Image by YouTube

Some of Mimi’s most incredible body paint artworks can be found after a thorough scroll in her Instagram profile. Born in China, she developed masterful body painting art skills. She then emigrated to Canada to show her fascinating accomplishments to the world.

Today, she teaches students the art skills of Blanche Macdonald, along with leading masterclasses throughout the world.

Mimi creates outstanding surrealist paintings by drawing patterns and textures in her environment. Why Mimi really stands out is because she doesn’t interfere with modern-day makeup artists’ work so she could protect her creativity. 

She actually looks back to her outstanding old paintings so she could track how her painting style has improved. We highly recommend checking out other of her incredible paintings due to their inspirational painting style.


Alexa Meade

Body Painting
Image by YouTube

Scrolling through Alexa Meade’s artworks will definitely bring strong feelings and emotions. That’s because Alexa1 can combine 2D and 3D art designs professionally to create impressive 3D street artworks. She has traveled the globe, creating body paint paintings for corporate businesses. That earned her a lot of substantial commissions.

One of her most impressive artworks can be found in the music video “God Is A Woman.” Alexa painted Ariana Grande’s body for the project generating thousands of “wow” impressions.

Alexa’s painting skills truly manage to create state-of-the-art illustrations when it comes down to body painting art. Checking other of Alexa’s paintings will definitely make you keen on her painting style.


Natalie Fletcher

Painting Body Art
Image by Jamie Miller on Printrest

Natalie Fletcher is a world-renowned body painting artist. She depicts striking patterns and landscapes that definitely capture the eye. She professionally paints every detail in her artworks so you can be absolutely amazed.

Natalie found her passion when she was quite young. Fast-forward a couple of years, and she has won GSN’s reality television series Skin Wars. She is also the author of “Oh Beautiful”. This is a book that depicts inspiring 102 body painting artworks in different places across the United States. We highly encourage you checking some of Natalie’s artworks if you are searching for genuine inspiration and ideas.


Trina Merry

Body Painting
Image by YouTube

If you are looking for fantastic paintings that include human forms, architecture, and landscapes, then you should definitely check out Trina Merry’s artworks. 

She has traveled throughout the whole globe to bring her exceptional skills to people from third-world countries.

Her body illustrations have been featured on some of the most popular magazines, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, and a couple more, which emphasizes her incredible paintings skills.


Johannes Stotter

Illusion art
Image by Johannes Stoetter

Due to his Italian origin, Johannes caters to endless love for nature, landscape, and culture. And he impressively transfers his passion to his paintings. He became world-famous in 2013 when he body-painted tropical frogs, a total of five impressive models.

His Italian masterpieces have been featured in popular magazines such as CNN, BBC, CBS, which highlights his incredible body paint art skills.

Checking other of Johannes Stotter’s outstanding paintings will absolutely leave you highly impressed.


John Allen Poppleton

Painting Body art
Image by John Poppleton

John Allen is one of the most successful paint body and Photography Artists. As a matter of fact, he calls himself a Fine Art UV Paint Body artist. This suggests that he possesses incredible art skills that make his artworks really shine. His professional use of black-lit photography and UV body painting ensures his art-related pictures are one of the best in the world. His other illustrations also show fantastic body elements that leave you with a jaw-dropping experience.


Andy Golub

Image by Andy Golub

Andy Golub is a world-renowned paint body artist that changed New York nudity values and made the art genuinely thrive. Andy’s uniqueness stems from the free expressions he utilizes upon his paintings to create eye-catching paint body artworks.

Moreover, Andy Golub is the founder of Human Connection Arts, which is an international non-profit business. He is also a supporter of public art. Andy’s incredible masterpieces were explored by most of the world, which makes him one of the most popular paint body artists.

If you haven’t explored some of Andy Golub’s fascinating paintings, we highly encourage you to do that. This is a worthwhile experience that will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping experience.


Emma Fay

Body Art
Image by

Emma Fay paints paint body drawings that challenge the perceived values of human forms. What makes Emma actually stand out is her passion for surrealism and symbolic expressionism. She has created a painting series called “Marvels of Nature.” It mainly depicts animal figures strongly distorted by contortionism.

What’s more, is that her artworks have been featured in various magazines such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Huffington Post. This actually emphasizes the unique style of painting she uses when depicting all kinds of animal forms.

Checking Emma’s Instagram page (@emmafayofficial) will definitely amaze you.


Kate Spinks Dean

Body Art
Image by

Kate has actually been painting bird-related artworks for quite some time that really stand out. She is a successful English artist. Kate1 has won various freestyle body painting competitions, which zeros in on her impressive art skills. 

Boasting a brand new collection, “Life in Flight,” Kate can illustrate human’s adult life by painting birds featuring human parts. Her painting style serves as an incredible inspiration for young and thriving paint body artists.


Craig Tracy

China Tiger Body Painting
Image by Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy has been one of a kind paint body artist, depicting unique animal and human forms in his artworks. He has been widely known for gaining inspiration by seeing his models on a moment’s notice and getting exceptional ideas for drawing paintings. 

On the image below, you can actually see how professionally he depicts human feet as a tiger tongue. Other Craig’s artworks will absolutely blow you away. That’s why we highly suggest checking his other artworks too.


Lara Wirth

Body Artwork
Image by

If you are the type of person who is keen on zombies, then Lara’s paintings can absolutely amaze you. She is only 19-years-old and already amazes the world with her fascinating artworks that are widely popular. 

Lara can literally transform herself into a mind-blowing zombie and make you stare at her paintings for hours. Yet, most of her masterpieces are not appropriate for kids under 12 due to the frightening expression Lara uses in her artworks.

Checking other of Lara’s paintings is a worthwhile experience and will absolutely leave you highly impressed.


Vanessa Davis

Body Painting
Image by Vanessa Davis

Vanessa’s keen love for drawing symbolic skulls brought her over 130k followers on Instagram. She is now one of the most notable paint body artists of all time. In western culture, skulls symbolize mortality. 

Her impressive art skills allow her to create outstanding face paintings that really get deep into your feelings.We highly recommend checking out other Vanessa’s paintings if you are keen on body and face painting.


Emma Hack

Image by Gwendolyn Berndt-Kuchel on Printrest

The Australian artist Emma Hack beautifully depicts her body merging to different colorful walls. She has created the “Wallpaper” series, where she describes herself branch to branch and bird to bird. The uniqueness of Emma Hack’s paintings stems from her ability to illustrate details from her body, contrasting with the wallpaper. If we had to give Emma’s paintings a one-word description, that would definitely be “wallflower.” Other Emma’s artworks will absolutely leave you highly impressed.


Mirjana Kika Milosevic

Body Painting
Image by

If you’ve watched the movie Pinocchio and you think the concept behind the film was worth it, we present you the Serbian artist Mirjana who successfully depicts wooden bodies similar to Pinocchio. Her incredible skills will highly impress you due to the off-beat and wooden-body paintings she creates. 

In the image below, you can see one of her most prominent artworks. She has depicted her body, creating the impression of being a living wooden doll. Her torso is attached to a spring that goes down to a box, kinda like a doll from a scary movie. 

Mirjana has been amazing audiences for a couple of years now, building a world-class name. If you haven’t checked some of Mirjana Milosevic paintings, then you should definitely do it if you are keen on off-beat art images.

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