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Music Clip Art: Know Its Types And Get The Best Tips To DIY

Music clip art is a pre-made image that denotes a musical project. Generally, clip arts are in use everywhere. There are sports clip arts, graphics and design clip arts, movies clip arts and now music clip arts. So, let’s plunge into clip arts in music. There should be clipart to accompany every tune of music, whether it is jazz, pop, classical, or R&B. It ought to be informative and tell the audience the intention of the artist. Like any other development under the sun, music clip art has evolved. Initially,…

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Music and Arts: Popular Music Genres

Music is an essential part of everyone’s lives. You find yourself listening to your favorite tunes in the morning while you make your coffee, during your workout routine to keep you motivated and every movie has a soundtrack to get you settled into the mood. According to a survey, globally every person listens to 17,8 hours of music a week! Let’s have a look at 10 of the most popular music genres today! Music and Arts: Classical & Opera You wouldn’t necessarily think of classical music as one of the…

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Music Corner: 11 Experimental Albums for a Unique Vibe

Freedom. Improvisation. Unpredictable. That’s the beauty of experimental music. I have to say, I was a little hesitant at first in listening to an experimental album recommended by my friend. You can’t blame me – the “Ultimate Care II” album of Matmos is mainly based on the sounds of a washing machine. After listening to all the tracks, I was honestly exhilarated that I got to immerse myself into a whole new music experience. Are you getting curious now? Well, I’m giving you 11 experimental albums you can listen to…

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