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Explore The Civil Rights Museum In Atlanta

The Atlanta Civil And Human Rights Museum is an engaging cultural attraction that will definitely bring tons of amazement to your body. With your first visit to the museum, you’ll be able to learn a great deal about the United States Civil and Human Rights movements around the world. Moreover, you can visit “Voice to the Voiceless” The Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr.

Before heading to the Civil Rights Museum In Atlanta, there are a couple of things you should be aware of:

It’s located on 00 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., Atlanta, Ga. 30313 in downtown Atlanta, 678-999-8990. The time when you can visit the fantastic galleries of the Civil Rights Museum In Atlanta is from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm.

Typically, the everyday price for an adult is $21.77. Students are privileged to enter for $19.59, while children from the age of 7 to 12 are taxed only $17.41. Kids under 3 years old get a free pass.

However, if you head to the museum with a group, this is the time when you can get the cheapest tickets. There are deals throughout the whole year. And for specifics, you can head to the website of Atlanta Civil And Human Rights Museum.

So without further ado, let’s see what this museum brings to the table:

Main Attractions In The Civil Rights Museum In Atlanta

Civil Rights
Image by WikiCommons

The National Center comes in 4 different sections.

To be more specific, 3 of those sections are permanent historic galleries. In those galleries, you can learn a great deal about human and civil rights in the past and compare it to current ones. You’ll definitely be amazed at how different were things 100 years ago from today.

The fourth section is a temporary exhibition space, similar to the previous 3 galleries.

All those galleries feature amazing exhibits from our history. Also, the attractions in the Atlanta Museum show you people’s lives in the past, and how they used to live. Most of them lived in terror and fear. Something that was counted as corruption in the past would be a marriage between a black and a white person. Those are things that negatively amaze us now and make us appreciate the things we have in our life.

So without spoiling you more about the Atlanta Civil Rights Museum’s attractions, let’s dive into the galleries and see what they have to offer us.

Spark Of Conviction: The Global Human Rights Movement Gallery

Atlanta Civil Rights
Image by The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The first gallery on our list would be The Global Humans Rights Movement exhibition. This gallery features interactive technology suitable for all audiences. It helps adults and children to get a better understanding of human rights. How they have actually affected people’s lives in the past and how they affect our lives in the present.

This exhibit area consists of light wooden floors, bright walls, and natural sunlight is coming through large windows. It definitely creates a friendly and pleasant good looking view.

In this particular section of the Atlanta Civil Rights Museum, you’ll be able to explore a vast amount of paintings. You can contemplate famous human rights leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and more.

The Global Human Rights Movement gallery offers a glimpse of thousand of evolving situations around the world. Some of which include censorship, political repression, child labor, and women subjugation. Being able to see galleries and exhibits of that kind will widely open your eyes to the world’s situation. You’ll definitely come up with thoughts of how can we act to make the places where we live, simply better.

“Who, Like Me, Is Threatened?”

Civil Rights Atlanta
Image by The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Moreover, the exhibit “Who, Like Me, Is Threatened?” is one of a kind. This would be the first place you should visit when you enter the Global Human Rights Movement gallery. This section features a large mirrored room. Visitors can select personalities who share their ethnicity, race, religion, etc.

This mirrored technology also introduces people from all over the world who live in areas devoured by violence and prejudice.

Those spectacular personalities appear in the form of holograms. What’s more, is that those figures they speak as if directly to you. They share their lives, what they went through, what have they changed, and what impact they left on the world.

The Center Of The Global Human Rights Movement Gallery

Civil Rights Atlanta
Image by

If you are keen on more historical personalities, simply, head to the center of the gallery. There you can explore life-sized light boxes of historical figures such as Adolf Hitler. Their life is typically shown on pictures, videos or text formats on the backs of the panels.

This gallery also displays polarizing issues, similar to immigration and same-gender marriages. The exhibition doesn’t skip showing kids in other countries who sew soccer balls instead of going to school. Seeing that creates a breakthrough experience that will definitely leave you highly amused.

Global Human Rights is a vast topic that simply can’t be condensed in one exhibit area. The Atlanta Museum has made sure you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the most vital historical civil rights movements that have occurred throughout our history. And how those movements affected the lives, we live right now.

Once you exit this gallery, your thoughts will probably circulate at an enormous speed. This shows that you realize stuff that is of essential importance to our world.

Voice To The Voiceless: The Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collection

Voiceless Civil Rights
Image by The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

This will be the perfect gallery for you if you’re searching for a quiet and spacious area for inspiration. What’s unique about this gallery is that it features some of the most famous and popular Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches and words.

This is an area that you can absolutely look up to and get inspired.

Another cool feature you can contemplate in this zone would be Martin’s papers that show on a rotating basis. They display Martin Luther King Jr, both as ordinary and extraordinary. On display, you’ll also be able to see his intimate suitcase and some of his personal stuff such as cream and razor. A speech from Mahatma Gandhi is likewise available. Martin has written Gandhi’s words on a scrap of paper and kept it in his particular wallet.

All of this shows you how sacred and pristine are the doings of Martin Luther. He is a role-model everyone should look up to in times of desperation.

After checking out this part of the museum, you’ll probably leave with a mind-obsessive impression about the speeches and the doings of great leaders such as Martin Luther and Mahatma Gandhi.

Rolls Down Like Water: The American Civil Rights Movement

African American Atlanta
Image by The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Civil Rights Movement gallery depicts the story of the freedom movement from Atlanta’s perspective. Frankly, I also thought that this wouldn’t be a big deal…

But things turned otherwise. This exhibition area leaves you with a jaw-dropping experience, and it definitely makes you keen on history. So keep up reading if you would like to check out The American Civil Rights Movement area top attractions and exhibits.

The main attraction here features a bus, covered in pictures of the people who participated in the group “Freedom Riders.” This is a group led by civil rights activists who rode public buses into the Southern United States in 1961. There are some video clips and texts that explain the historical movements of the Freedom Riders very thoroughly.

Moreover, there is even a room that honors the four girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Ala. There is quite a heartbreaking view that depicts each girl on a wall in this gallery with her name over the pictures.

This is something that probably can’t be seen anywhere else. That’s why this museum can dive deep down into the hearts of ordinary people.

The Educator’s Guide

Civil Rights Museum
Image by WikiCommons

The museum also features an educator’s guide. The guide includes kid-level explanations of any notable attractions in the museum. Concepts like civil disobedience, discussion, and reflection activities are explained to people in a way understandable by an 8-year-old kid. That’s why this place is so special. It features fantastic exhibits and galleries that are suitable both for kids and adults. The museum’s excellent customer service is something that not many places can boast with.

You can also visit the museum’s gift shop for T-shirts, memorabilia and more.

On the whole, the Atlanta Civil Rights Museum is a top attraction in Atlanta that every citizen of the city should visit at least once in its lifetime. If you’re a tourist and you are traveling near Atlanta, the Human And Civil Rights Center is something that you should definitely pay a visit to. You can check the prices on the official site of the Atlanta Civil Rights Museum and head to any of the galleries you prefer in the upcoming days. This will definitely be a long-lasting experience.

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