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Frost Science Museum: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you bored of old and traditional museums?

If you are looking for something modern that can actually lift you up and absolutely fascinate you, then the Frost Science Museum would be the perfect fit for you. The museum features a campus of four state-of-the-art buildings offering impressive interactive exhibits. The museum officially opened its doors on 8 March 2018. Today it is one of the newest and most modern museums in the world.

Two of its most popular attractions are the Planetarium and the Aquarium. We’re not going to unveil the mystery right now because there is a lot more to be mentioned.

So without further acknowledgment, let’s dive right into and see what this museum brings to the table.


About The Frost Science Museum

The newest renovation of the museum took place in 2018. However, the museum keeps fascinating and amusing audiences back from 1949 when it was first founded.

Today, the museum stands by the name Philip And Patricia Frost Museum Of Science, or also known as Frost Science Museum. It’s a 250 000-square-foot building. It is designed by the world-renowned British architect Nicholas Grimshaw. Four buildings are featured and are all connected by open-air decks. This emphasizes the uniqueness of the building as a whole.

Image by Architect Magazine

You will be able to notice a vast sphere that houses the Planetarium. There’s also an elliptical section, which houses one of the most notable attractions of the museum – the Aquarium. Multi-level wildlife exponents and exhibitions are also available in that area.

And lastly, there are the north and the west wings, featuring other cool attraction spaces. When it comes to attractions and exhibits, the two most notable and renowned sites you can visit in the museum are the Aquarium and the Planetarium.

A three-story aquarium, that features a 31-foot-wide clear oculus is what makes the museum really stand out. This is also where you can contemplate a wide array of fish species and impressive sharks.

Except for the Aquarium, the other attraction that puts the Frost Science Museum in the high rankings among its competitors is the new 250-seat Planetarium. It is designed with an amazing 3-D projection. One of a kind surrounds sound system that is only available in 12 more places throughout the world.

So, I hope you’re already pumped up. Let’s see what can we explore in this modern and unique Miami museum.


Frost Science Museum Aquarium

Frost Aquarium
Image by Sun Sentinel on Youtube

The first and foremost attraction on our list would be the most fascinating exhibit you can check in the Frost Science Museum. The three-level Aquarium features a wide array of habitats, ecosystems, and subaquatic depths.

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter this exhibit would be South Florida’s ecosystem. You’ll find yourself at the open-air rooftop Vista level, where you’ll be able to explore the open waters of the Gulf Stream Aquarium. This is the place where hammerhead sharks, devil stingrays, and mahi-mahi will be exposed to your sight. You’ll be able to contemplate admiring sea creatures that will definitely amaze you.

Some additional exhibits are entirely dedicated to the biodiversity of South Florida’s ecosystem. Coral reefs, mangroves, sandy beaches are some of those other and beautiful exhibits.

After thoroughly going through the Vista level, you’ll head to the second Dive level. This is the place where you’ll be able to explore over 30 aquariums and interactive vessels. This will allow you to learn a great deal about South Florida’s abundant subtropical marine life. 

The bottom and final Deep level is the site where you can contemplate the vast mind-blowing depths of the Gulf Stream. What’s more, is that you’ll be able to accumulate a significant amount of knowledge about how the Gulf Stream’s compelling flow impacts ecosystems throughout the globe. This is actually the place where you’ll be able to see and examine the Gulf Stream through a 31-feet-wide oculus. Watching the fascinating hammerhead sharks and fish packs swim above you is something that will definitely leave you highly impressed.

Additionally, the Aquarium is a top exhibit that will amaze you. Visiting the Aquarium exhibit in the Frost Science Museum is a story you’ll share with your friend & family.


Frost Science Museum Planetarium

Frost Museum
Image by Frost Science Museum

If you have ever wondered which is the best planetarium in the world, a great option would be the Planetarium in the Frost Science Museum. It is literally one of the best, if not the best on the globe. It features ample space, filtered by 250 seats. 

This Planetarium is designed with cutting-edge technology to make your experience literally unforgettable. What’s more, is that it’s powered by an 8K visual system (twice of other planetariums around the world). It uses 3-D cinema projectors, 16 million various colors, and an incredible surround sound. You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing 360-degree view inside the large planetarium room. All this makes you lose your breath and enjoy the moment.

Whether you’re exploring the vast and mysterious universe, or you are strolling around the ocean’s depths, or even stargazing and dissecting human cells, the experience you’ll receive from the Frost Science Museum’s Planetarium is merely outstanding.

There are currently two shows on the ride at this moment. Depending on your preference, you’ll be able to choose between Asteroids: Mission Extreme 3-D and Dynamic Earth. If you are visiting the museum with your whole family and you want to give your kids possibly the best experience, we suggest going with the latter show. It’s also preferred for kids since it can amaze and entertain your kids. Yet, older kids will have a more fabulous experience with the former show. Both of those spectacular displays range between 20 to 25 minutes. They are definitely worth checking out.

Additionally, the Planetarium fights a furious battle with the Aquarium for the title “the most notable attraction in the Frost Science Museum”. Both places are absolutely worth visiting.


Examine the Everglades

Frost Everglades
Image by Greater Miami and the Beaches

This would be the best exhibit for your kid’s education. The fascinating River Of Grass attraction takes your children into a virtual indoor Everglades. Here kids can interact with different animal characters throughout a 20-minutes long presentation. All kinds of various activities are available that will be able to educate your children on crucial topics. Some of these activities also include practical experiments. Tests based on the physics of water, teach children a lot about hydrology.


Dance Like A Superstar – Me Lab

This is one of the most engaging educational ways to actually teach children about the interaction between the body and the brain. What’s unique about this exhibit is that there’s a digital character available named Beta. Beta accompanies kids through five interactive and compelling education zones. During your or your kid’s journey, you’ll also be able to ask questions and do experiments to broaden your knowledge about the brain’s functions.

Your children will absolutely love the dance floor. It calculates how many steps were made and how many calories were burned. This is also a great way to burn some unnecessary calories after your last pizza.


Feathers To The Stars

Frost Feathers
Image by Miami New Times

This is a great exhibition attraction that is perfectly suitable for those keen on ancient history. On level three, you’ll be able to find the Feather To The Stars exhibit. By visiting it, you can explore the history of flight from winged and feathered dinosaurs to migratory birds and human cleverness in aviation and space travel. What also makes this area absolutely stand out, is exhibited 30-foot dinosaur named Yutyrannus Huali. There are also a military jet and a VR Apollo mission launch to captivate your attention; giving you a long-lasting impression.

Feathers To The Stars is absolutely an incredible exhibit that you and your whole family should check out. From ancient animals to incredible space ships, Feathers To The Stars will absolutely amaze you.


Frost Science Museum Camping

A great way to entertain your kids during the summer is by enrolling them in the museum’s summer camp. Beginning on 19 June, the camp offers various activities which can entertain and educate your children at the same time. Your children can learn a great deal about our planet’s nature. Also, they will explore some of the most notable galaxies and stars in the universe.

Frost Camp
Image by Frost Science Museum

Also, what makes this camp really stand out is that teachers help kids design and construct their own rocket ships. Exploring various galaxies and meeting underwater creatures is also included in the program. And, of course, take a selfie.

The summer museum’s camp is definitely a great way to entertain your kids while you put your worries to rest.

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