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Meet The World’s Most Talented Sidewalk 3D Artists

If you have seen some 3D street artworks and you believe that a topic about 3D art is something that will absolutely compel you, then you’ve stumbled onto the perfect guide. Here, we’re going to show you some of the most talented 3D sidewalk artists in the world. You’ll also get to know their life and see a couple of their best artworks.

After reviewing hundreds of 3D street chalk paintings and drawings, we’ve selected the most notable artworks of all. That’s because we wanted to give you not some ordinary 3D pictures, but literally the best street arts in the world.

Let’s see how those famous 3D Sidewalk Artists can actually captivate your attention.


3D Art: Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner
Image by WikiCommons

Kurt Wenner is literally one of the best, if not the best, artists when it comes to anamorphic 3D street art and painting. What’s unique about him is that he tells his colossal interest in Renaissance classicism emerged from his pure desire to draw well. He actually wanted to make a change in the modern art of drawing. And that was the time when he decided to become one of the most prominent 3D street art artists.

Kurt Wenner has unique artistic skills that allow him to transform Renaissance classicism into 3D artworks. Kurt actually wants to reinvent classicism for the new age. This enabled him to put his talent for realism directly to the streets. He was a former NASA illustrator. Now his incredible paintings are featured in lengthy lists regarding compelling 3D street art, articles about the most famous sidewalk artists, TV commercials, ads, and quite a bit more.

Frankly, there are many street artists out there who try to copy and imitate Kurt. However, few are capable of comparing their skills to Kurt’s stunning paintings. We absolutely recommend checking out most of his artworks.


3D Art: Edgar Mueller & Manfred Stader

3D Art
Image by Annie Croft on Pinterest

The German team absolutely crushes other artist’s paintings on world-renowned competitions. Both Germans are highly skilled in the 3D anamorphic painting style. Likewise, they have some incredible artworks that will absolutely blow you away.

What’s unique about the german painters, is that they often return to the traditional style of street art. Both Edgar Mueller and Manfred Stader mimic in-depth details and realism of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

They are absolutely crushing it when it comes to anamorphic street painting. One of their most notable artworks is called “River Street”, and it is illustrated above. As we stated above, they’ve won and conquered many street art competitions which give them a reputation of being one of the best 3D sidewalk artists. Except for participating in contests, they also teach street painting at schools and universities.

If you haven’t checked other paintings of the German team, we highly recommend you doing that due to their unique and fascinating style.


3D Art: Julian Beever

3D Street Art
Image by Manh Hung Hoang on flickr

Julian Beever, or also known as” the Pavement Picasso,” is a world-renowned 3D street art artist. His anamorphic pavement drawings are absolutely mind-blowing. Julian was born in Cheltenham, the UK in 1959. However, he grew Melton Mowbray from the age of two. 

What’s interesting about him is that he began street art in the ’90s. However, he became famous in 2000 and started earning commissions from thereon. He worked at multiple jobs, but all this led him to become one of the most prominent 3D sidewalk artists in the world. He simply started drawing portraits of famous people which immediately got him the attention of passers-by.

Known as “the Pavement Picasso,” Julian says that this is unnecessary flattery. His work actually has little in common with the great Spanish artist. 

Now, Julian is in huge demand for corporate businesses and has worked in over 35 countries across the globe. However, he still finds time to draw paintings for his own pleasure and satisfaction. We highly suggest checking out some of Julian’s first street art paintings. They will undoubtedly leave you highly impressed.


3D Art: Tracy Lee Stum

3D Art
Image By

Holding a 2006 World Guinness Record, Tracy Lee Stum is widely known as one of the most prominent and finest street artists today. Her World Guinness reward is acquired due to painting the largest street drawing from a single individual.

Tracy developed her passion for art in her early years. She studied privately as a child and managed to receive a Bachelor’s degree at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Tracy started street painting in 1998. Fast forward a few years, and she is one of the most notable 3D street artists in the world. She is widely popular for the splashing colors she uses to draw her unique street art paintings. Moreover, she has won countless rewards and accolades when it comes to 3D sidewalk street paintings.

After her massive success in 2006, winning the World Guinness Records, her next huge win followed in 2013. She received the honor of being a contributor to the Cannes Gold Lion award-winning team for their work in the famous Honda CRV commercial.

Her incredible skills and paintings are now in huge demand for different corporate businesses. She earns significant commissions by creating 3D and 4D artworks for companies. Since then, she is traveling the world, participating in street painting festivals in China, Mexico, India, Russia, and more.

Tracy has hugely contributed to the 3D modern street art. We thoroughly encourage you to check out most of her incredible paintings. They will absolutely fascinate you.


3D Art: Eduardo Relero

Image by

Eduardo Relero, or also one of the most notable sidewalk artists of all time, was born in Argentina. Drawing portraits and pictures at Brazil’s restaurants, airports, and squares brought him his first hard-earned commissions. He actually started painting when he was 21.

After he started earning some money for his incredible paintings, he began traveling around the world. Peru, Chile, North and South Argentina were the places he visited quite often when he was just starting out. When he became more popular, he began organizing trips to Europe.

During his time in Rome in 1990, he was genuinely inspired by the Madonnaro lifestyle. This made him continue drawing paintings and participating in street art festivals. Since then, Eduardo has traveled the whole of Europe to hone and improve his street art skills. He started learning about different kinds of art, which also inspired him much. 

Now, living in Spain, Eduardo has transformed into one of the most remarkable 3D sidewalk artists. His anamorphic paintings and drawings are absolutely fantastic. Most of his paintings contain a whimsical illustrative style that makes you believe the pictures jump off the ground.

He mostly creates satirical and critical street art paintings and drawings with human personas. He is specialized in any kind of art form. However, his anamorphic street art skills are highly appreciated. That’s because of the increased anamorphic paintings trend on the internet.

Most of his works can be found on the Canary islands. We highly recommend checking out any of Eduardo’s artworks. His illustrations are indeed one of a kind and will definitely leave you highly impressed.


3D Art: Eric Grohe

Street Art
Image by Explore The World Daily

Before becoming world-renowned for his incredible trompe lo’eil murals, Eric Grohe had a professional career as a graphic designer and an illustrator. He was born in NYC in 1944. From an early age, he understood his passions. He was most keen on art. Therefore his professional graphic design career started in 1961. Not long after, he began receiving commissions for his incredible artwork. Since then, he has transformed into one of the most notable mural painters.

Throughout his professional illustrator career, he has received a significant amount of commissions. After becoming a world-renowned painter, many corporate businesses have reached out to him to get a taste of his impressive skills. 

Eric mostly paints and depicts vividly realistic murals and architectural facades. What’s unique about his skills is that he is literally able to transform a blank wall into a state-of-the-art wall. Most of his famous illustrations depict football games and picturesque towns which make you believe that they jump off the wall.

Eric has been a true inspiration for most young and future sidewalk artists. As the previous illustrators, we highly suggest checking out some of Eric’s paintings and wall drawings. They are literally outstanding.


3D Art: Rod Tryon

Street Art
Image by Georgia Aquarium on Twitter

Rod Tryon is one of those incredible artists that can absolutely amuse you. Paintings that designate something rising from the streets or large holes in the ground is a thing that will definitely make you stop and contemplate. And that’s precisely what Rod Tryon depicts with his incredible street art skills. He is widely famous for his adornments on the streets for more than 20 years now.

He was first inspired to start drawing anamorphic paintings in 1996. Since then, his street art career has rapidly grown. And if you are looking for an offbeat painting style, you should definitely check some of Rod Tryon’s paintings. He states that “Entertaining the audience by creating an image that looks like it is coming up out of the street, or the impression of a hole opening up in the asphalt in front of you, is a special treat for the artist. Seeing crowds react to his 3-D pastel images, bring great joy to both the artist and onlookers.”

Rod Tryon is an absolute state-of-the-art artist. You should definitely check some of his impressive mind-blowing adornments.

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