Top 5 Nail Art Expos around the World

In case you haven’t heard about this yet, there are actually exhibits right now that mainly focus on nail art. Instead of the usual sculptures, paintings and photographs, displays of outrageous and fascinating nail art are put in frames, protective glass cases and even on some participants’ fingernails. It is amazing how nail art enthusiasts patronize this kind of event. These people can finally share their passion and interest with fellow devotees in the art of meticulous detailing of nails.

Best Nail Art Expos

Let’s find out the most creative and interesting nail art exhibitions in various countries. Prepare to be amazed by these fabulous events:

5. “Beneath the Lacquer” (New York, U.S.A.)

This is the simplest and smallest nail art exhibition here but still one of the most creative. I love how the artists David Dupuy and Ran Kowatari simply put the designs inside pretty frames. “Beneath the Lacquer” really feels like an art gallery but focusing on nail art. My most favorite part is the centerpiece composed of framed nail art displays that are formed into heart shapes.

To make the nail art exhibition more interesting, the displays were telling a story. The narrative of the displays referred to same-sex marriage. Some emotional photographs were included in the displays while presenting a specific nail art.

The event was specifically held at Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art gallery in Brooklyn. It went on for almost the whole month of February in 2014.

Olya Turcihin

4. San Francisco Nail Art and Jewelry Gallery (U.S.A.)

This nail art exhibition in San Francisco is similar to the “Beneath the Lacquer” exhibit. The big difference? It is much more glamorous because of the jewelry accompanied with nail art displays. The whole event looks like something out of a glamorous museum.

Organized by 24K Studios, the exhibition aimed to create a parallel between new jewelry designs and nail art innovations. For the nail art exhibits, the organizers worked with NancyMc, Nail Swag, Nail Jerks, Fleury Rose, The Illustrated Nail, Haus of Lacquer, Britney Tokyo and Astrowifey. These nail artists closely worked with jewelry designers to create a stunningly coordinated exhibit. There was a total of 12 original collaborations.

To trigger excitement for the first reception, Nail Swag and Nail Jerks posted some of their nail art designs online. Afterwards, their chosen artworks were displayed behind storefront windows.

Lidija Ristic

3. SINAIL (Seoul, South Korea)

Now, we’re heading to nail art exhibitions with more spectators. SINAIL is the biggest nail expo in South Korea because it also presented international brands and artists. It is amazing how every decoration and installation presented here were cutesy and girly. What I love the most are the gigantic nail polish bottles lining up to present some photos relevant to nail art.

The latest SINAIL event was held in Oct. 21, 2016 at SETEC Seoul. Aside from the nail art exhibits, the expo also organized some demos and consultations about setting up a nail shop business. Included in these interactive booths were presentations of the right materials and equipment for a complete nail shop. The organizers and exhibitors were very experienced in beauty shop management and marketing.

2. Nailphilia (London, U.K.)

From South Korea, let’s move on to the United Kingdom. If you love avant-garde fashion and style, then you may consider London’s premiere nail art exhibit called Nailphilia as your new haven. Everything here looks luxurious and unbelievably creative.

Nailphilia is tagged to be London’s first and biggest nail art expo. The displays here were out-of-this-world such as colorful rhinestones and 3-D cubes attached to nail art. Even animal hooves were designed here to represent nail art to a whole new level. The event celebrated extraordinary styles of worldwide singers such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Held at East London gallery of, popular nail artists and experts brought the exhibition to reality such as Marian Newman, Jenny Longworth, Mike Pocock and Sue Marsh. In particular, Marsh lent runway designs from London Fashion Week and nail art designs she designed for big icons such as Spice Girls, Boy George and PJ Harvey.

Ryan Lanji, the curator of the exhibition, admitted that the whole event took hours of preparation. He also mentioned that each nail art display was created for several days. He stated that the exhibition became possible because of the artists’ passion and patience in the art of nails.

Nailphilia is very unique and trendy. It reminds us that beautiful nails, no matter how small, can really elevate a look.

1. Tokyo Nail Expo (Japan)

There’s no doubt that Tokyo Nail Expo is the biggest, most popular and most extravagant nail exhibition in the whole world. The crowd in this expo is insane. You would not believe at first that this is a big event focusing on nail art. The whole event really looks like an international expo because of the multitude of displays and the huge crowd.

Tokyo Nail Expo is also considered to be a “nail festival.” The biggest crowd it generated was composed of more than 50,000 people in just two days. One of its most-awaited activities is the Nail Competition. All Japanese nail experts who won in regional tournaments gathered in this event for the finals or championships. The attention they got from people was similar to Olympic athletes. These experts were very knowledgeable when it comes to unique styles and innovation.

Another highlight in this expo is the Nail Queen Award Ceremony. The awarding ceremony is always presented glamorously like what we normally see in Hollywood. This award is usually given to a famous personality who is passionate about nail art. The main stage is called “Nail Pantheon” and this is where the awarding normally takes place. Of course, every winner dressed up accordingly with their chosen nail art design.

Top 10 Nail Art Designs from Expos

These are my most favorite nail art designs displayed in the aforementioned expos:

Framed nail art designs from “Beneath the Lacquer”
“Vintage Wasps” by NancyMc in San Francisco nail art and jewelry exhibition | Photography by Bret Woodard
Sculptural hands by Sophie Hanson/”Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky” painting by Kostas Georgiou/Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade from The Illustrated Nail | Taken from Stylist | Nailphilia exhibition
Sculptural hands by Sophie Hanson/Monochrome Rose nails by Sam Biddle | Taken from Stylist | Nailphilia exhibition
Geisha nails by Sue Marsh | Taken from Stylist | Nailphilia exhibition
From Tokyo Nail Expo | Sophy Robson/Instagram
From Tokyo Nail Expo | Flavorwire
From Tokyo Nail Expo | Sephora Glossy
From Tokyo Nail Expo | Nevertoomuchglitter
From Tokyo Nail Expo | EPA/Franck Robichon

Personally, I love looking at the most intricate nail art designs. I can’t imagine the amount of work and patience required to accomplish the details since our fingernails are very small canvases. But I know these take lots work and not really for everyday life, so you can always refer to normal typical designs such as these everyday coffin shaped nails.

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