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Rochester Museum And Science Center: All You Need To Know

If you had the chance to explore how technology and science have transformed throughout the years then you would definitely fall in love in this guide. We’re here to present you with a thorough guide about the Rochester Museum And Science Center. This is the place where you’ll be able to learn a great deal about past, current, and future technology and science.

The Rochester Museum And Science Center tells us an incredible story about technology and science throughout the years. It’s definitely a stunning place to explore for those who would like to know the evolution of our world. The museum features incredible exhibits and attractions suitable for all ages. From kids-friendly to adults-only displays, the science museum has something for everyone.

So if you are passionate about museum attractions and you can’t wait to explore the most notable attractions of the Rochester Museum And Science Center, we suggest you dive right into it. Simply sit back and relax. We’ve listed the top exhibits you can examine in the museum.


SciFiTech Exhibition

Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

Have you ever wanted to actually experience a science fiction reality? If so, then this would be the perfect exhibition area for you. With the help of SciFiTech, you’ll be able to experience an incredible voyage through great works of innovation in history. What’s more, in the Rochester Museum And Science Center, SciFiTech literally lays a bridge between you and your fictional dreams and goals. SciFiTech is an interactive platform that shows how technology can impact our everyday lives.

As entering into the SciFiTech world, you can go through four fascinating zones exploring technology and science. “How we play,” “How we connect,” “How we move,” and lastly “How we live and work.” All those virtual realities will absolutely blow your mind and leave you highly impressed.

On top of that, what makes SciFiTech really stand out is that it allows you to immerse into a virtual world with the Oculus Rift fully. There you’ll experience stunning interactions robots, inventors, fantastic characters, and more. 

The SciFiTech exhibition area is the perfect pick for both children and adults who have imagination in abundance.


Rochester Museum And Science Center: Sound Bites

Rochester Museum
Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

If you’re keen on music and you would like to get a taste of an incredible sound system, then this would be the perfect exhibition based on your needs. This is literally a mini version of the popular SoundSense exhibit. And by no means, this doesn’t mean it won’t give you an incredible sound experience. It’s the other way around, the Sound Bites exhibition is absolutely worth it, and we recommend it to anyone who has a burning passion for music.

You’ll be able to experience how sounds are produced by vibrations. Vibrations represent waves of energy that continuously push tiny molecules, one another in pulses. And that’s how sound is actually created. Moreover, you’ll be able to examine the true nature of music. Also, how we hear why some sounds are quieter in the distance and others are louder when they are adjacent to us. The science standing behind the tools we use to create music is something that will definitely captivate your attention. You’ll be literally able to take a leap in the world of sound and music.

The Sound Bites exhibition area is an offbeat attraction that will absolutely blow your mind.


Flight To Freedom: Rochester’s Underground Railroad

Science Musuem
Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

One of Rochester’s museum most dramatic exhibitions you can go through is the Flight To Freedom. You’ll be able to examine the paths that fearless freedom activists followed through to achieve their liberation. You can thoroughly investigate the paths and ways used by Austin Steward, Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, and Reverend Thomas James, who went through countless obstacles so they could build free lives. 

You’ll also be able to learn a great deal about Rochester activists and their liberation movement. How they managed to expel slavery and free others from it. 

This exhibition area is suitable for both adults and children. The zone is presented with support from the City of Rochester and the Underground Railroad Heritage Trail. It’s definitely a place that will lift up your spirit.


Rochester Museum AdventureZone

Kids Zone
Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

For those looking to explore rocks and hills, or becoming a reporter in a weather studio, the AdventureZone would be the perfect pick for you. Upon entering this exhibition area, you’ll have a couple of options to pick from. Some will enjoy examining rock layers of the Genesee River Gorge on a climbing wall. Others would like to act as a weather reporter, as mentioned above. And third, would perhaps be keen on operating the fill valves in an interactive exhibition of an Erie Canal lock. The AdventureZone would be a spectacular area to explore for those who are keen on Earth science.


At The Western Door

This would be an impressive exhibition area for those looking to explore American history thoroughly. Upon entering At The Western Door you’ll be able to learn a 400 years-long story of the conflict between New York’s native Haudenosaunee people and then settling Europeans who were coming as explorers and traders, and perhaps conquerors. 

You’ll be able to learn a great deal about the ways of contact between extremely distinct cultures. Interactive playgrounds and events are available. Additionally, this is where you and your children will be able to learn quickly and compellingly. The formation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Beaver Wars, and the American Revolution are also a part of the learning process.

Western Door Rochester Museum And Science Center
Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

At The Western Door, you’ll be able to examine how cultural changes impacted the everyday lives of New York’s natives and what was the outcome. Most importantly, a substantial amount of archaeological items are shown. They also display how Haudenosaunee people adopted new technologies to their lives while holding onto their perceived values and traditions. And how those new and modern technologies impacted their evolution.

At The Western Door is an exhibition showcasing the conflict between the invading Europeans and New York’s natives. The zone is definitely suitable for kids due to the vast number of educational platforms available.


Rochester Electricity Theater

technology Rochester Museum And Science Center
Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

Have you ever wanted to see a bolt of occurring lightning from a closer perspective?

If that’s something that fascinates you, then the Electricity Theater offers you precisely that. You’ll be literally hypnotized by how bolts of lightning and electricity appear in the dark Electricity Theater. Upon entering the exhibition area, you’ll find yourself in a dark and ample room. A few moments after, continuous zaps of musical lightning will appear. This will fully shine the whole room, leaving you with a jaw-dropping illustration on your face.

Those indoor bolts of lightning are produced by twin solid-state Tesla coils. You’ll be able to fully explore the excitement of electricity, ranging from electricity conductors to insulators. This is an impressive area for those studying electrical engineering.

There are a couple of shows that will absolutely keep you entertained, you and your whole family. The Electricity Theater is part of Science Array, which represents an array of exciting lightning shows. Also, for future flash shows simply head to the Science Alive Schedule and see when is the next on the chart. You can reserve a spot online or call 585.697.1942.

After visiting your first display show, you’ll probably want to come back again. And to make you even more hooked, the Electricity Theater changes music flashes of lighting constantly. This way, you’ll be able to experience new excitement due to the different musical bolts of lightning.

Electricity Theater delivers impressive, spectacular lightning shows. The exhibition area is suitable for both adults and children.

Rochester Energy Trail

Here is a little riddle: What do you think powers our bodies and also entire cities? That’s right. If your ENERGY just came to your mind, you got the correct answer.

Rochester Museum And Science Center
Image by Rochester Museum and Science Center

And this explains why energy is so crucial to our everyday lives. If you think that would be an interesting topic for you, then the Energy Trail would absolutely amaze you. What’s makes this area stand out is that you’ll be able to explore energy sources and transformations. All this is presented to you interactively and engagingly. This makes the Energy Trail area also suitable for kids. By participating in any of the Energy Trail’s interactive activities, you’ll be able to first-hand experience the energy required to power our world.

A compelling thing you can also do in this zone is to pick an Energy Trail guide and to see how you’ll perform based on your skills. Once you’ve managed to complete the test, you can directly head back to the Welcome Desk and check out the results you scored.

The Energy Trail exhibition area keeps adults and children entertained. It’s an impressive attraction that can significantly broaden your knowledge.

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