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Eye-Catching Statues And Awe Inspiring Sculptures Around The World

Visual art is something only a very few of humans can achieve, let alone having the skill and talent to create masterpieces. The creation of something beautiful, realistic, intriguing, and amazing pieces art are undeniably are the works of no less than a genius. Personally, as much as I wanted to have at least a small amount of talent to draw, at the end of the day, this dream always become a frustration.

Among the known techniques of visual art is a 3D works that requires not just the default set of skills of an artist but also more on the physical capability and endurance. Sculpturing is probably the most difficult form of visual art even with just considering the effort of manually molding, breaking, and forming hard objects into something awesome. I have all my awe and respect to all sculptures, past and present, for their works is really a no joke.

Having the ability to showcase their genius minds through massive sculpted structures, a few artists made masterpieces on streets and lands on different countries around the world. These masterpieces can be easily accessed and enjoyed by tourists and are resilient enough to stand the test of time. Check out some of the best samples of these public masterpieces famously known in the world.


Expansion is a work of art by Paige Bradley, an American sculptor famous for representative symbolic bronzes. The artist made the sculpture amidst the time when abstract and conceptual technique were more sought after. For Bradley, figurative statues are timeless and still speaks the universal language which expresses the impact of human experience. This work shows the beauty of the human form while incorporating a metaphor for the uncontrollable yearning of the human spirit.

The Expansion is a blended work of bronze and electricity portraying a woman’s body. Bright lights radiates from the fractures in the woman meditating in a lotus position.

The Expansion is a figurative contemporary representation of Bradley’s ideas of freedom from containment. With the help of tools like wax, bronze and lighting system, the artist was able to impart her thoughts about liberty from suppression thru this majestic sculpture.


The Monument of an Anonymous Passerby, also known as “Transition” or “The Passing”, is a public installation in the busy section of Wroclaw, Poland. This breathtaking set of human statues was done by Jerzy Kalina, an award winning Polish artist.

The renowned public installation was erected in December 2005 and honors the introduction of martial law as well as the people who vanished and went underground in the night of December 13 in year 1981.

The Monument of an Anonymous Passerby embodies the great suffering of the ordinary Polish Silesians over the abusive dictators of the land. Despite the serious subject pertaining to Polish history, this work of art is truly something to be proud of for the Polish people.


Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, you’ll see the noticeable Salmon sculpture crashed in red brickwork building. This wall installation is known as Transcendence, an outdoor sculpture done by Keith Jellum – an Oregon based sculptor. With the use of bronze, copper, and steel, Jellum hand fabricates and casts massive sculptures and exceptional weathervanes.

Transcendence measure 3.4 meter (11 feet) long and is made using hard forged and welded bronze.


The Monolithic Human Figures can be found in Moai, Easter Island. This amazing rock carvings was shaped by the Rapa Nui people between 1250 and 1500. The moia statues are most of the time 40% head and 60% the rest of the body. The largest among the many statues surrounding the island was named “Paro” and this one stands 10 meters tall and weighs 75 tons. However, “Paro” is not the heaviest among the group. Once squatting moai weighed almost 86 tons and is considered the heaviest. There is one unfinished sculpture that if completed, it would have been approximately 21 meters (69 ft) tall with a weight of about 270 tons.


The Mustangs of Las Colinas is an eye-catching realistic bronze sculpture done by Robert Glen, a famous Kenyan sculptor. This work of art is comprised of nine wild mustangs dashing across a granite man-made watercourse. Glen worked on the mustangs for 8 straight years. This larger than life centerpiece is one of the tourist attractions of the place.


In the historical Cavenagh Bridge of Singapore, you’ll see the “People of the River” statue series which was done by Chong Fah Cheong, a Singaporean sculptor responsible for most popular public sculptures in Singapore.

The People of the River is one of the artist’s depictions of the life of the people living and working alongside the Singapore River. The masterpiece is regarded as one of the most creative statues in the world.


Break Through From Your Mold, also known as Freedom, is a figurative work of art done by Zenos Frudakis, an American sculptor whose subjects comprise of influential individuals’ portraits.

This evocative sculpture of Frudakis is a representation about the struggle for attainment of independence through the imaginative process.


Perchance the most celebrated sculpture ever recorded, Italian artist Michelangelo’s David is a masterpiece of Renaissance era and is truly a glorious sight to watch. With a height of 14 feet, David portrays the Biblical hero who was also famously known to be the rival of Goliath.

The sculpture was bespoke for the Cathedral of Florence and still existing for over five centuries.


On the waterside of the Danube, people have the chance to see 60 pairs of iron casted shoes of different styles and sizes pointing towards the river. The Shoes on the Danube Bank is a commemoration to the people who lost their lives from the carnage committed by the militia men of the Budapest’s Arrow Cross during the Second World War.

This historical cenotaph was erected on April 16, 2005 and was a joint effort of sculptor Gyula Pauer and film director Can Togay. Nowadays, locals and tourists placed candles and flowers inside the shoes.


One of the famous works of world renowned Czech sculptor, David Cerny, is the Metalmorphosis found in Charlotte. The art itself is a feat of engineering marvel. 40 pieces of steel were grouped into segments wherein every segment pieces rotate independently, spewing water until such time that all segments are in the right places to create a giant human head. This amazing moving masterpiece attracts foreign visitors to Charlotte every year.


Created by artist Marco Cianfanelli and Jeremy Rose, the notable Nelson Mandela sculpture was made public in year 2012 and placed on Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, the place where he was arrested by armed apartheid police in 1962. The masterpiece comprises of 50 steel poles of different heights. This monument will serve as remembrance of the historical death of Mandela.


The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, also known as the Sphinx, is a limestone figure of a mythical being with a human head and a lion’s body. The statue was erected on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile River and believed to be the oldest known monumental sculpture in the world which have been built by ancient Egyptian locals around 2558-2531 BC. The Sphinx is acknowledged as the largest monolith statue in the globe with a length of 73.5 meters (241 feet), width of 19.3 meters (63 feet) and a towering height of 20.22 meters (66.34 feet).


The Thinker is a bronze sculpture done by Augeste Rodin in the year 1904. This work of art is often used as a figure that stands for philosophy. The work illustrates a large life size nude male in deep thoughts as it is sitting on a rock with his chin resting on his right hand.

The statue has been cast in numerous versions and is replicas are found all over the world. There are about 28 bronze casts replicas of the sculpture placed in museums and public places.


The island of Delos is thought to be the birthplace of the gods. A stone statue called “The Terrace of the Lions” is found in the island and it is said that the statues are dedicated to Apollo, Greek god of the sun, who was born there. Because of weathering, 5 of the original 12 lions only survived and were replaced with replicas to preserve the real ones in Delos Museum. Because of this figurative masterpieces, Delos Island remained to be one of the most famous island in Greece such that it holds strong mythological, historical, and archeological significance not just for the country but for the world.


Situated on Liberty Island in Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture designed by sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. It was officially opened to the public on 28th of October in year 1886 as a present to the United States from the citizens of France. The Statue of Liberty was given to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the historical signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. This iconic magnum opus signifies freedom and serves as a warm welcoming gesture to immigrants arriving from overseas.


No Violence is a bronze sculpture showing an oversized Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver gun with a looped barrel and its muzzle is pointing upwards. The renowned work of genius was made by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd to honor the death of the singer-songwriter and peace activist John Lennon.

The sculpture has been the symbol of The Non Violence Project since 1993. As of today, there are already 16 duplications of the sculpture around the world.


Cattle Drive is a large sculpture showing herd of bronze longhorns rushing through the flowing stream and waterfall. This masterpiece was created by Robert Summers and it memorializes the nineteenth century cattle drives that took place alongside the Shawnee Trail. Each steer is larger than life with a height of six feet high.


Another historical landmark that can be found in the streets of Victoria, Melbourne is the Sinking Building Outside State Library. This large piece of art was sanctioned by the local government as part of the city’s art program initiatives.

The theme or story of this masterpiece is rather confusing as different groups share different takes on why the building sank in the first place. Some say that the building sank because of too much books featured inside it. Others tell you that it is a representation of the impossible demand of school to their students, or a dorm sinking due to the number of students staying, together with their furniture.

Whatever the explanation of the art is, in real life, it would be so interesting to see a failure architecture that sank into the ground due to the sheer weight of the things featured inside it.


Hippos are a set of sculptures conceptualized by director Chen Pao-chung of Taipei Zoo. The Hippos are ingeniously established to complement the African Animal Area of the zoo. Hippos Square served as the zoo’s signature lifeless attraction.


In Eceabat, Turkey, you’ll feel the goosebumps as you may witness the collective masterpiece of A Scene from the World War with real size statues. Though war is truly a painful subject, this historical breathtaking work of art perfectly depicted the chronological events that happened during the World War in Turkey.

A Scene from the World War is a figurative tribute to the brave men who lost their lives and the unimaginable pain for their families while fighting and defending their country. The drama and emotions that the statues want to convey are intensified because of the life-size elements.

On the other hand, this inspiring masterpiece is one of the most visited and must see site in Turkey.

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