The Beauty Of Street Art: Mindblowing Street Installations

While the world provides the best canvass and media which visual artists can use to showcase their one-in-a-million skill, there is no denying that art started as an act of vandalism. The earliest forms of visual art that has been discovered are the cave paintings which depicted the simple hunting life of the earliest human caucus.
As time goes by and technology advances, people found more effective ways and venue where art can be rendered. Famous paintings and murals are now immortalized in fabric canvas or smooth walls and ceilings of equally-stunning architectural buildings. However, if you guys also noticed, these types of visual art mostly were and are created only for the eyes of the elites and those who can afford. If not privately owned by the richest people, they are displayed on highly guarded museums and government establishments.

True art is not meant to be that way though, it is supposed to be shared to the world and be appreciated by the many. Because historical forms of art are now priced and guarded, modern art started to act in defiance of what was set by the powerful. Ironically, art goes back to vandalism and street art was born. Street art, though tagged as forms of vandalism at first, became so famous and highly regarded that the world started to accept it as formal venues for free expression. Slowly through time, street artists are being recognized and are contracted by the government and private institutions to create masterpieces on walls and public spaces allotted for it. Not only that this movement paved way to the evolution of visual art, it also opens visual art back to the masses which is supposedly the true objective of such.

A sneak-peak of Street Art History:

Street art started in the 1920s and 1930s, and gained its popularity in early 1980s. It is often associated with the peak of graffiti art. Graffiti of protest slogans painted on open walls, trains and even cars are regarded as the forerunners of street art.

Street art started as simple shapes and line forms. During the peak of the 20th century and the dawn of the 21st, street art has progressed into intricate interdisciplinary form of imaginative expression – from wall slogans, graffiti, murals and stencils to large-scale contemporary artworks and street installations.

Here are some of the breathtaking street art pieces done in different cities around the world:


Sean Yoro, or best known as Hula, is an NYC-based self taught artist and the genius behind these stunning portraits. These incredible murals were painted on brick walls that separate the dry land from the ocean.

Hula endeavors to bring life to empty and forgotten spaces. Shipwrecks, abandoned docks and lonesome walls are some of his favorite canvasses. He prefers to use oil paint along with conventional painting techniques.

Look how the portraits unite with its reflections on the water, truly awesome! It’s undeniably a brilliant approach of Hula in showcasing the exquisiteness of his works and of course the beauty of Hawaii itself. His masterpieces will surely leave you with a range of emotions.


In a warehouse situated in Lyon, France, you’ll find a cleverly painted sleeping giant. This work of art was created by Ella & Pitr, French artists that are also a couple. Most of their works involve sleepy-head giants, large birds with heavy wings, piles of stones, children, burnt trunks or chairs.
One of their famous works is the “Les Papiers Peintres” which uses the technique called anamorphosis and applied large scale interventions.

“Reload” is another awesome masterpiece that can be found in France. This was painted by Levalet, a well recognized French artist. His approaches in street paintings are surreal and contemporary.

Also found in the streets of France is a stunning art installation entitled “Ants”. Pejac, the artist behind the incredible work showcases his love for the minimal designs. The mural portrays two silhouettes of curious and somewhat mean kids inspecting the tiny insect species underneath them.


This gigantic interconnecting masterpieces is a collective effort of a Germen crew and the Mexican government in rehabilitating and at the same time revamping the Palmistas borough in Pachuca, Mexico. This project consisted of 209 painted houses (Wow! That’s quite grueling!).

The primary purpose of this project is to promote social transformation.


In a busy street of Belem, Portugal, you’ll find this eye-catching raccoon that will surely make you pause and stare for a while. This splendid street installation was done by Bordalo II, a Portuguese artist who is renowned for his towering 3D murals. He was able to utilize other people’s trash into massive striking animal portraits. Indeed, it is such an awesome way of creating life through recyclables.

Next on the list is a contemporary mural famously called as “Crossroads” which is painted on a 10 story building facade situated in Lisbon, Portugal. This cartoonish fresco showing an old lady surrounded by animals was done by Sainer, a Polish artist.


This thought- inflaming and arresting street installation entitled “CRISIS” can be found on the streets of Bilbao, Spain. The masterpiece was created by SpY, a Spanish artist. This was composed of 2-cent coins amounting to 1000 Euros. Can you imagine the intricacy of this work and the persistence of the artist? Beyond doubt, this work of art deserves a global shout out!


This cleverly painted work of genius was completed by Julien Malland, widely known as “Seth GlobePainter”. The wall painting consist of two kids running toward each other. The contrasting usage of bricks and clouds is purely mind blowing!


Meanwhile in Germany, a British muralist widely known as “Phlegm” showcased his illustrative and minimal artwork portraying iconic characters and cluster of machineries on an accordion styled wall in the street of Berlin. The artist loves to create surreal storybook-like imageries using his very own imagination.


On the other hand, Martin Whatson, a much known Norwegian artist, created the “Behind The Curtain” mural in Miami, Florida. This awesome ocular illusion mural comprises of stencil and radiant graffiti.

Likewise, this mind-boggling metallic mural can also be found in Miami. The artist behind this awesome masterpiece is Bikismo, a Spanish artist who is fond of using spray-paint.


This gigantic wall painting with an illusion of a girl watering an existing plant was done by Natalia Rak. Most of her murals are about women in dreamlike vivid setting.

United Kingdom

In Cheltenham, UK, you will find these three government secret agents who seem to be discreetly spying on a phone dialogue. Banksy, the artist accountable for this ingenious work, made use of the existing and old phone booth and added life to it by painting government spies behind it.

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