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Tattoo Designs: The World’s Unique Museums And Galleries

If you are keen on tattoo designs and you’re searching for an idea for your next tattoo, or perhaps you are a professional tattooer, and you want to receive ideas for your future project, this will be the perfect article for you. That’s because, in this guide, we’ve listed some of the best tattoo designs you can explore in galleries and museums throughout the world. Some prominent tattoo artists have shared their artworks to give inspiration to young tattooers.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what those impressive tattoo galleries and museums have to offer.


The Best Tattoo Designs In The World

As we already mentioned, in this section, we will take a look at some of the most popular tattoo artists and their incredible masterpieces. We will thoroughly examine various tattoo-related galleries and museums throughout the globe. So get ready for some of the most beautiful tattoo-related artworks you will be able to check out in the following section.


TATTOO: The Renaissance of Body Art

Renaissance Tattoo
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In the past, if you had tattoos on your body, then you would have been badly treated due to ancient traditions. It was considered that only drunk servicemen and ancient tribes were allowed to have tattoos on their skin. So if you decided to draw a tattoo on your skin, you would definitely be ignored by society. 

Yet, in the past 55 years, tattoo art has gone through a significant transformation. That’s due to the fantastic tattoo body paintings of famous and world-renowned artists. 

Now, tattoos represent an expression of the soul. Most people paint their skin in all kinds of tattoos so they can genuinely express their inner selves. 

The Lighthouse of Art presents the fascinating exhibition – TATTOO: The Renaissance of Body Art. Here you’ll be able to check some of the most notable tattoo designs created by the world’s tattoo experts such as Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry, and Ron Finch. Actually, Ron is widely popular for his outrageous custom-made motorcycles. So this would be a fantastic place for both tattoo-related and motorcycle enthusiasts.

This gallery is absolutely worth the time. We highly recommend it to professional artists who are thriving through their tattoo career at an enormous speed.


The Tattoo Fan Club: a charity project by Stef Bastian

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This exhibition is made to honor all the tattoo legend artists in the past who showed the right way and paved it for future experts and enthusiasts. By visiting the club, currently managed by Stef, you’ll be able to check out and examine a significant number of modern tattoo designs. This will definitely inspire you and bring you a couple of fresh ideas for your next tattoo.

The exhibition boasts selecting over 200 tattoo artists and giving them the task of painting a Japanese paper fan, also known as “Uchiwa.” This resulted in a celebration honoring the artist who handled the job most professionally. That’s because he was able to leave a considerable impact on today’s tattoo style of art.

Checking out modern tattoo paintings at the exhibition will give you enormous ideas and encouragement. The show is worth checking out.


Faces Of The Future: an exhibition by Hunamantra

Tattoo Designs
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This exhibition, hosted by Hunamantra, showcases the blackwork tattoo designs of world-renowned tattooers. 

The exhibition currently takes its place in the London Tattoo Convention. That’s where you’ll be able to examine off-beat tattoo designs that combine details of past and current tattoo perceptions. This actually makes the paintings stand out and displays how the tattoo designs and art have the potential to grow enormously in the future.

The Faces Of The Future exhibition area is definitely worth checking it out. That’s due to the ideas and the inspiration the place can bring to a significant amount of people, mostly tattooers and tattoo enthusiasts.


“Meeting The Masters” By Zozios: The Book And The Exhibition

Tattoo Designs
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If you would like to know more about world-renowned tattooers, then the ” Meeting The Master” is the perfect place for you. Except for seeing some of Zozios incredible artworks, you will be able to get his book “Meeting The Masters” at an affordable price. 

In the book, Zozios illustrates impressive tattoo artists and showcases their artworks

His book is definitely worth it. He has traveled the world in search of world-renowned tattooers. Mostly interviewing them and screenshotting their impressive tattoo bodies and artworks. This exhibition will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping impression on your face. 


Ed Hardy, Deeper Than Skin

Deeper Than Skin
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The exhibition currently takes place in San Francisco. It displays Ed’s impressive artworks and other notable artists’ masterpieces. Ed is literally one of the best, if not the best, tattooers in the world. With his creative skills, and through great efforts by his side, Ed managed to transform San Francisco in the “The Tattoo City.” 

Deeper Than Skin exhibition will absolutely blow your mind away with its fascinating tattoo paintings. If you spend a whole day checking Ed’s exciting tattoo designs, you’ll definitely receive great ideas for your future body tattoos. 

Moreover, he has taught a significant amount of tattooers. That’s why we can easily call him the greatest tattooer of our time. By visiting the Deeper Than Skin, you’ll be able to examine a considerable number of Ed’s fantastic work throughout the years. Moreover, the exhibition area is perfectly organized to make your tour even more compelled. Each room in the museum displays different styles of paintings and artworks, rising all sorts of feelings in you. 

If you wonder what’s the best place for checking tattoo galleries and paintings, you can’t go wrong with Ed Hardy, Deeper Than Skin. Ed is absolutely crushing it. And the only thing you’re going to regret when you plan your visit to his exhibition is that you didn’t go earlier to check it out.


Discover Tattoo Designs From The “Shoki Of Isami” Exhibition

Japanese Art
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Kawanabe Kyosai was a prominent artist, active in Tokyo during the final years of the Edo period and the first half of the Meiji period. He was one of the most notable contemporary art Japanese artists, who managed to create a unique style of tattoo designs and paintings.

The “Shoki Of Isami,” in the Kawanabe Kyosai museum in Japan, allows you to examine various paintings that will serve as a huge inspiration. Moreover, Kawanabe Kyosai’s paintings are also displayed in the exhibition. They have been entertaining audiences for years now.

The paintings in the “Shoki of Isami” exhibition will definitely leave you highly impressed. The museum is the perfect fit for thriving artists who are looking for new ideas to stand out. The show is also suitable for people keen on tattoo designs. That’s because this is the place where tattoo-based enthusiasts can get off-beat ideas about their next body tattoos.


Tattoo Designs Panel Discussion At The Asian Art Museum

Tattoo Panel
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The Asian Art Museum, located in San Francisco, displays impressive tattoo-related masterpieces. Some of the fantastic exhibits you’ll be able to examine include prints and paintings that will definitely leave you amazed. The name of the exhibition area originates from a discussion of four prominent artists. They discussed the past and contemporary art of tattoos. Don Ed Hardy, Junii Salmon, Mary Joy Scott, and Taki Kitamura were the people who participated in this discussion. All of these artists have hugely contributed to today’s current art style of tattoos.

The uniqueness of the exhibition stems from the 60 fascinating prints by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, you can explore. Moreover, the museum has also inspired other artists to create their own photographs of tattooed Water Margin heroes. It also depicts crucial figures in the historical art movement and illustrating Kabuki actors with notable inked decoration.

Most popular Japanese tattoos include lions, eagles, dragons, and giant snakes. This creates a mysterious impression of the supernatural. These tattoos are also popular nowadays. So if you are kind of an off-beat person, then those prints and paintings will definitely give you some fresh ideas. 

Additionally, the Tattoo Panel Discussion At The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is worth checking out. It displays impressive past and modern paintings illustrated in the exhibition area. This is a place that will definitely amaze you and make you come back again. 

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