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The Best Step By Step Guide To Create Awesome Music Clip Art

If you aren’t familiar with music clip art or you know what clip art is, but you don’t know how to create an image. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will both explain to you what music clip art is and how you can create one. We’ve assembled simple steps you can follow so you can design a fantastic music clip art.

To make this guide even more compelling, we will present to you some of the most famous and popular music clip arts in the world today. Music and art galleries that encompass clip arts will also be a part of this guide.

So if this seems like an interesting reading to you, just sit back and relax. We’ve done the hard work for you.

What Is Music Clip Art?

Music clip art
Image by Transfer Express

By definition, clip art is a form of electronic or digital graphics, made from simple illustrations. It’s quite contrary to photographic pictures.

Typically, music clip art is accessible in a high number of file formats, mostly bitmaps or vector graphics.

And why music clip art is so unique and special?

With the advent of digital technology, our everyday lives are literally changing bit by bit. Significant demand for digital images and pictures occurred. That was the time when digital clip arts really brought a shine to a lot of things on digital platforms.

However, clip arts are available in the real world too. There are still designers and printers that will make you a music clip art on a real paper. Yet, most clip art demand can be found on the Internet.

And what exactly is music clip art, or simply clip art?

Well, it represents sketched pictures limited in colors. Or simple line-drawn images.

You’re probably thinking this isn’t a big deal. However, experts say it otherwise.

As in every other thing, there are subtle and gentle methods you need to master to craft an outstanding music clip art. (And this is what we are going to show you in this guide – how to create a music clip art even if you are just starting out)

To be more thorough, music clip art is usually drawn on a white background with a black pencil. That’s because a white background is easier to exclude. And the black marker or pen, it doesn’t matter what you use, helps to outline the image.

However, some modern clip arts might be featuring high resolution using the full-color spectrum.


Where Can You Find Music Clip Art?

Music clip art
Image by

For those who don’t want to spare time creating individualized clip arts, we’ve referred some methods you can use to come up with free and fresh clip arts.

One of the most efficient and reliable ways to find clip arts is through a search engine. And we recommend you use the Bing browser or just google the name of the image you are trying to find. Once you’ve done that, you can head to the “images” tab and narrow your search by selecting the “clip art” tag.

Something crucial you need to keep in mind before using any image on the web is the copyrights. You should label your search based on your needs. If you’re going to use clip art images for business purposes, then you should definitely check if the image is suitable for advertising or so.

You can do that by directly heading to the image settings and see if it’s eligible for business purposes.

And the best way to come up with a unique and outstanding music clip art would be to hire a professional designer. If your document matters, then hiring an expert illustrator to create a beautifully-designed music clip art is a must. It’s always better to have beautiful and outstanding images than ordinary ones.
Well-designed clip arts attract people.

So you already know the most effective ways to come up with a music clip art.

However, if you want to create an image by yourself, then the following section displays a step-by-step guide, you need to follow to design a music clip art.

How To Create A Music Clip Art (Step-by-step)

music clipart
Image by clipartwiki

Step 1- Draw

Draw the picture you want to clip art on a white paper and use a black pencil. As we stated above, a white background is easier to exclude, and a black marker helps to outline the image. You can use whichever drawing medium you’re comfortable with – pencils, pens, etc.

Step 2- Per Piece

It’s recommended to draw one image per piece of paper. That’s because this will make the formatting process quite easier.

Step 3- Upload

Once you’ve finished and successfully outlined your pictures, it’s time to upload them to your PC. Once you’ve done that, check what’s the format. It must be PNG or JPEG. That’s because both those formats are picture formats, and you won’t have to make additional converting.

Step 4-Check

Check what’s the image dpi (dots per inch). It must be at least 300dpi or higher. The highest quality that a printer can actually print is at 300dpi.

Step 5- Download

Once step 4 is completed, head to your browser and search for “Gimshop.” This is a program similar to Adobe Photoshop; however, it’s free. When you stumble on it, download it. When the download is completed, open the program and load the image you would like to work on.

Step 6- Fix

You can fix the brightness and contrast of the image to make it more compelling. Doing that will also make the background deletion even easier. Simply click “colors” on the nav menu and head to “brightness-contrast.” When the following window opens, adjust the brightness and contrast of the image to 15.

Step 7- Whiten

Once you’ve completed the previous step, you’re going to find your picture with a crisp white background. The next step would be to delete your image’s background. This will allow you to lay your image over other images without experiencing any issues.

Step 8 – Background

To remove your background, head to Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel. Then click the magic wand tool on the left bar and select the white area of your picture. However, you haven’t finished yet. Double click the magic wand to open settings. Increase the threshold to 25. (You might have to increase it more if your background still contains black dots.)

step 9- Background Transparency

You’re almost done. Once you’ve increased the threshold, simply hit the “delete” button. Don’t worry, this won’t delete your image. It will make your background transparent.

Step 10- Crop

Crop your photo if you have completed every step prior to that. You can do that by clicking the “crop” tool on the left side of your screen. After that, draw a box around your image. Finally, save your image with a PNG format to keep the transparent background.

Voalá, you’ve successfully created a music clip art.

Famous Companies Using Clip Art

Clip Art
Image by WikiCommons

When it comes to clip art usage, there’s no other online library as Openclipart. The company represents a collection of vector clip art. The clip art is eligible for free usage and is absolutely dedicated to the public domain.

Also, the so-called “OCAL” library was started in 2004 by Jon Phillips and Bryce Harrington. They were both program developers for a graphic vector software named Sodipodi.

When Openclipart was first created, it lacked thumbnails. It was hard to find in the search engine. That was the time when downloadable Openclipart packages started to show up. Most importantly, they were free. You could get them by heading straight to the website.

With time Openclipart 2.0 was created. A new website was developed in 2010. A substantial amount of features and opportunities is what the new website brought to the table. This contributed to the readers of the website, which at the time were around 50,000 per day. From thereon, Openclipart started to grow steadily and became the world’s most extensive clip art library.

Today, Openclipart shows the works of 5,178 artists who have made over 147,000 outstanding SVGs (scalable vector graphics). All those clip art images are free and eligible to download. There’s a dedicated section only about music clip arts, featuring some incredible and fascinating photos.

You can google Openclipart right now and head straight to the website. There you’ll be able to find a vast amount of images you can download directly on the spot. All of them come with thumbnails in PNG format.

Openclipart is the most prominent digital clip art library. It displays hundreds of thousands of unique and astonishing clip art you can download for free. Don’t skip this opportunity.

Best Music Clip Arts In 2019

And finally, we’ll take a look at some of the best music note clip arts today. You can take ideas from them or just contemplate the beautifully-designed digital music clip arts of the modern world.


Music clip art
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Music clip art
Image by Jacobsam on Printrest


Music Cliparts
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