The Greatest Artistic Museums Found In Asia

If you want to entertain yourself while you’re traveling in Asia, checking out art museums will definitely keep you compelled. Moreover, if you are keen on art, architecture, artworks, installations, you’ll surely find useful information in this guide. After reviewing dozens of the best art museums in Asia, we picked 10 art museums that really stand out. This way, you’ll be able to take a look at the most notably designed and artistic museums Asia offers. Simply choose one and spend a whole day reviewing the attractions and exhibits the gallery has to offer. And if you can check all of the art museums listed in this guide, this would absolutely be a long-lasting experience for you.

So without further ado, here are the greatest art museums you can find in Asia.


Tokyo: Nezu Museum

Image by The Architectural Review

The Nezu Museum, built in the distant 1941, honors the art collection of the well-known businessman and art collector Nezu Koichiro. Nezu started collecting artworks when he turned 20. After his sudden death in 1940 (he lived upon 80), the museum was founded one year later. And now boasts an art collection of over 7,400 Japanese and Asian exhibits and attractions. Some of these include the seven National Treasures, 87 Important Cultural Properties, and 94 Important Art Objects.

There’s also a sizeable a beautiful 17,000-square-metre landscape garden. What’s unique about this garden is that it changes its appearance every season of the year. The magnificent garden features tea rooms. This way visitors can experience and fully enjoy the traditional tea ceremony.

The Nezu Museum is definitely one of a kind attraction. We highly recommend visiting that museum if you and your family are keen on nature and attractive artworks. It’s absolutely worth checking it out.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Doors open at 10 am and close at 5 pm.


Kuala Lumpur: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Islamic Mueum
Image by WikiCommons

If you are keen on ancient galleries, jewels, and armor, then you simply can’t go wrong with the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur. What’s unique about this museum is that it’s the largest museum featuring Islamic Arts in SouthEast Asia. The site is also known as one of Kuala Lumpur’s most notable attractions. It takes around 30,000-square-metre of Kuala Lumpur’s Perdana Botanical Gardens. The museum offers over 7,000 fascinating artifacts from all over the world. What’s more, is that it features impressive items such as Islamic architecture, Quran and manuscripts, jewelry, coins, armor, and more.

One of the museum’s most notable attractions is the 1964 Kiswah. It’s the cloth that covers Kaaba in Mecca (It’s a place similar to an Islamic synagogue). On top of that, the museum offers a delicious restaurant. Dishes and meals range from Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

This place is definitely worth a visit for those keen on ancient jewels and armor.

The museum operates every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum
Image b y WikiCommons

If you would like to learn a great deal about Asia’s contemporary art, the Singapore Art Museum can help you with that. The Singapore Art Museum, also known as “SAM,” opened its doors in 1996. We could easily say that this is the first art museum wholly dedicated to Asia’s contemporary art. 

What’s unique about the Singapore Art Museum’s architecture is that it’s actually separated in two adjacent buildings. The first building is the former Saint Joseph’s Institution dating back to 1995. The second building, also known as “SAM at 8Q,” is the former Catholic School on Queen Street.

The museum boasts with a collection of artworks by acclaimed famous artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella. What’s more is that exhibitions and attractions change each month, which makes you go back in a period of a few months. The galleries feature a wide array of art exhibits, ranging from paintings and sculptures to installations and art media.

As we stated earlier, if you are keen on contemporary art, then this would be the best place for you to visit.

It operates Monday to Sunday from 10 am until 7 pm. On Friday, the museum’s work hours extend with 2 hours, and the doors close at 9 pm.


Bangkok: Museum Of Contemporary Art

Artistic Museum
Image by

If you are searching for the most significant private museum in Thailand, then the museum of contemporary art in Bangkok is your best pick. It’s one of the most notable attractions in Thailand. It’s a five-story museum, and each floor can captivate your attention with amazing modern artworks.

The museum boasts with a vast art collection, including 800 artworks and exhibits of Modern Thai Art. Some of those 800 art pieces include the astonishing art of famous local artists like Chalermchai Kositpipat. Chalermchai is widely popular for designing and constructing the all-white temple in Chiang Rai, Wat Rong Khun.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok is absolutely worth a visit. It offers an impressive contemporary art collection that will definitely amaze you.

The museum is open on Tuesday until Sunday. Doors open at 10 am and close at 6 pm.


Hong Kong Museum Of Art

Artistic Museum
Image by WikiCommons

The Hong Kong Museum Of Art distinguishes from other museums due to its ancient and modern art that showcase a significant amount of contrast. 

The building finds its place in Kowloon, and it features an eclectic mix of contemporary art installations and modern pieces. What’s more is that you can find impressive calligraphy, ceramics, sculptures, textile, clothing, and more amazing attractions that will amaze you.

Objects from the Shang Dynasty, which dates back to the 11th century BC, are also available. And this is what makes this museum exceptionally unique. A mix of ancient and modern art is what can really make you watch and contemplate with amazement.

The Hong Kong Museum Of Art is definitely worth the visit. It operates every day except for Thursday. Monday until Friday, the visiting hours start from 10 am and end at 6 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, you can stay until 7 pm.


Seoul: National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art

Artistic Museum
Image by arch daily

This modern and contemporary art museum was open in 1945 when Korea gained independence. It boasts with over 220 000 artworks and exhibits that will absolutely fascinate you. The museum features three levels. 

The first-floor offers archeological and historical galleries for those keen on history. The second floor will be the perfect place for you if you are keen on contemplate paintings. And the third floor offers Buddhist sculptures, ceramics, and artworks.

The museum operates every day from 10 am to 6 pm. On Friday and Saturday, you’re able to explore the museum’s incredible art collection until 9 pm. 


Philippines: Pinto Art Museum

Artistic Museum

Not so widely-known as the previous art museums, the Pinto Art Museum takes place in Antipolo City, Philippines. It features incredible artworks of the art collection of the neurologist Dr. Joven Cuanang. Over a thousand incredible pieces of art and installations were only brought to the museum by Dr. Cuanang.

If you were to visit the museum today, you would be able to explore hundreds of absolutely mind-blowing items and exhibitions. The Pinto Art Museum is absolutely worth paying a visit.

It operates from Tuesday till Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.


Miho Museum, Japan

Artistic Museum
Image by Arch Daily

The Miho Museum honors the name of Mihoko Koyama, the heiress of Toyobo, a Japanese textile empire. The museum takes place southeast from Kyoto. It’s quite adjacent to the town of Shigaraki. The museum offers a private collection of Eastern and Western art owned by Mihoko. And the art collection is merely remarkable. It delivers antiques such as Mesopotamian mosaics, Buddha sculptures from Afghanistan, and more.

It’s absolutely worth visiting the museum if you are keen on unique items and sculptures. 

The museum operates every day except for Monday. Doors open at 10 am and close at 5 pm. However, unfortunately, due to harsh weather conditions in the winter, the museum is available for a visit from March to December.


Museum SAN, South Korea

Asia Museums
Image by

The museum SAN, or previously known as the Hansol Museum, finds its location near Wonju-si in Gangwon-Do, South Korea. The primary building is designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. What makes this museum unique is its incredible light installations. On top of that, the sprawling grounds feature a charming flower garden, a water garden, and a stone garden you can contemplate in colossal excitement.

The museum SAN also offers incredible artworks by famous artists such as Lee Hang Sung, Hwang Kyu Baik, Han Mook.

The museum is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm except Monday.


Sifang Art Museum And Park, China

Artistic M
Image by CNNN Travel

The Sifang Art Museum is located deep in the forest, surrounded by beautiful nature. The museum boasts incredible art exhibits and installations. Both Western and Eastern contemporary art items are featured in the Sifang Art Museum.

This particular art museum is suitable for those looking for more unusual and offbeat art pieces. The displayed galleries are absolutely one of a kind. You’ll definitely find this museum attractive and compelling.

The museum operates from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

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