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The World’s Top Rock Museums: All You Need To Know

Are you wondering about the next kind of museum to visit? If you are an enthusiast of Nature, then you should plan for an adventure to some rock museums. There are various kinds of rocks to learn about; sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.

If you visit a Rock and Mineral Museum, you’ll learn how these natural elements hold the history of the earth and determine its future. It’s the place to find a comprehensive collection of rocks specimen from worldwide locations.

Here are the famous Rock Museums you can visit.


Crater Rock Museum

minerals and gems
Image by WikiCommons

Crater rock museum is located in Central Point, Oregon, United States. Its existence owes to the effort of Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Society. This is a non-profit corporation that develops and operates it. The work of the society’s team of artists is evident in the museum shop.

The museum started on a 5400 square foot area just enough for local visitors. However, today it’s grown to 12000 housing a workshop, meeting rooms, a larger shop in addition to exhibit areas.

This museum stores rare displays of rocks as well as minerals and gems. Some of the things it exhibits include a collection of world-class minerals, fossils, petrified woods, and indigenous American artifacts. Also, geologists who laid out the Crater Rock Museum aimed to educate people on the process by which how rocks become mineral specimens.

The operators of the museum and others who have visited have said it to be the best rock museum in the United States. This comparison to other rock museums is by its size and collections. It’s also liked for its variety of interactive experiences it offers to adults and children.

What you’ll like most when you visit the rocks exhibit is the fluorescent show in a darkened room. You’ll see rocks glow in different colors when illuminated under different lights. Other things to enjoy seeing include gold, gems, and other minerals for commercial use.

Visiting hours are 10 AM to 4 PM from Tuesday to Saturday.


American Museum Of Natural History

Mineral Rock collections
Image by WikiCommons

On the western side of the American Museum of Natural History, there is the Morgan Memorial House of Gems. This has been its name until its repolishing whereby its name has since then become ‘The Allison and Roberto Mignone Hall of Gems and Minerals’. 

It’s an exhibit of a collection of spectacular precious stones. The rocks on display are samples from the museum’s collection of more than 100,000 gems and minerals. The exhibit is organized according to a mineral group. There is the diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and many more in groups. There’s also gold, silver, and platinum on display.

Here you’ll find objects spanning three millennia and representing different cultures. 

The museum provides a history of 4,500 minerals and explains how they arose. You also learn how scientists grouped them and how people fashioned them into gems and prepared them for various uses.

The exhibit helps connect the link between the natural environment, biology, technology, and culture in the minerals evolvement.

Amethyst geode
Image by WikiCommons

The new shape of this wing of the American Museum of Natural History is the effort of Allison and Roberto Mignone; the duo has been leading in its transformation. The renovations brought on board the following among others:

  • A crystal garden exhibition area with specimens collected around the world. They include two amethyst geodes from Uruguay.  At this location, you also see how minerals form through several processes.
  • A gem gallery where you find the star of Indiapopular blue star sapphire and a famous 632-carat Patricia Emerald
  • A phosphorescence and fluorescence gallery that features a rock that glows in shades of green and orange under ultraviolet light.

You can visit this museum daily from 9 AM to 4 PM.

The World Museum

World Rock Museum
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

World Museum is one of the world’s best rock museums located in Liverpool, England. It started as Derby Museum but later changed to Liverpool Museum. In 2005, the museum went through a $35 million refurbishments and changed its name to World Museum. One of its major attractions is the collection of rocks from worldwide locations.

The 11,500 specimens include sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. There are also about 100 meteorites, tektites, and impactites. The major collections are from the University of Liverpool and Wright collections. There are others like Davies collection from Northwest England and North Wales, Wilson collection of cornish rocks and more.

The rocks exhibit display information about the origin, history, and structure of our planet.

This museum being a natural history museum, It exhibits other collections covering physical sciences, archaeology, and ethnology. The over five-story building provides a fantastic exploration for a family day out.

There are two cafes and shops to facilitate family needs during the tour. It opens daily from 10 AM to 5 PM.


  Alaska Museum Of Science And Nature

Rock Museum
Image by CrystalsZen on Pinterest

Among many rock museums, the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature is a unique museum in Anchorage. It features a great deal of science education in Alaska. There is no other museum that teaches exclusively on Alaska’s geological, ecological, and cultural history. It exhibits the largest collections of rocks, rare fossils, and minerals.

The rocks and minerals exhibit include gold specimens that explain the State’s history of mining. The gold mineral is the primary mineral panned in Alaska. There are also exotic rocks, minerals, and fossils.

If rocks history exploration exhausts, there is more to learn. Other things featured here include Alaska’s ice age, whale, dinosaurs, and more. What’s most interesting concerning the ice age is discovering the existence of ice age animals. They included the mammoth, giant beavers, short face bears, and others.

The museum is well suited for the whole family. For instance, kids can enjoy the dinosaur’s dig and get away from the adults. The museum is open Thursday to Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.


  Kristall Galerie, Namibia

Rock Museums
Image by Swakopmund Kristall Galerie on Pinterest

This Swakopmund, Namibia Gallery is the home to the world’s largest quartz crystal. This crystal is a world wonder and major attraction in this site. It weighs 14,100kg and it’s 520 million years old. The museum in 1988 as a hobby by Johannes Adolf Kleynhans but later turned out to be an attractive spot in Namibia.

The hard work, passion, and enthusiasm of Johannes created one of the planet’s most beautiful masterpieces. The exhibit features a Scratch Pit a place for the youth and the old to search for treasures. They are tumbled semi-precious stones.

This gallery features a myriad of crystals and raw earth gems and a view of them reveals pure magic. What’s most interesting is the replica of Otjua Tourmaline Mine.

To keep the memories of your visit alive, however, you can buy mineral samples, crystal jewelry, plates and cups made from the local stone at the Jewelry Shop in the museum. Visits start from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday.

Crystal Caves Museum In Atherton

Rock Museums
Image by

Crystal Caves Museum is located in Atherton, Australia. As a natural history museum, it exhibits a private collection of rocks mainly by René Boissevain. A collection of rocks, fossils, gemstones, and crystals from around the globe are displayed in a juggle of tunnel and grottos built by Rene.

One of the most interesting rock museums found, it stands as the hard work of the Rene Boissevain.  He searched tirelessly for the perfect crystallized mineral specimens from all corners of the world. The kind of specimen you find here are the largest, most valuable and rare.

A tour to the 250m2 of tunnels and caverns will also provide you an exploration of over 600 specimens. The large collection makes you wonder at the type and size of crystals the world can offer. The scenery of the caves makes you feel the natural formation of these rocks.

Additionally, you won’t have to go back home, empty-handed! There are a gift and jewelry shop, where you can buy jewelry, homewares, and other gifts. Every one of them are made from natural crystals, fossils, and gemstones.

This museum is an excellent family getaway to tour and take away memorable goodies. A visit to the museum can be at any time of the day. It’s open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.


The Gem Museum

Rock Museums
Image by WikiCommons

The Gem Museum is located in Singapore and started its operations in 2015. It’s the first and the unique gems and minerals reserve in Singapore. What you’ll find here include rare gems and minerals from many corners of the world.

The raw earth gems you find in the exhibit include sapphire, ruby, emerald, spinel, and tourmaline. There are also a rock garden and various colored diamonds.

The museum was founded by Tay Kunming and Ms. Loke Huiying, a couple. They aimed to teach visitors the processes that form a gem. These are the formation, mining, extraction and gem, and diamond cutting. 

Also, the Gem Museum essentially envisions to bridge the gap between the gemstone industry and the other world. The gems you find on display are mainly a collection of the founder of Far East Gems Institute, Tay Thye Sun.

A visit to this museum is certainly for everyone. There are gem mining activities for the kids and DIY bracelet making. It is open Monday through Friday from 12 PM to 5 PM.

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